children (4-11)

Parents often come in with concerns regarding their children that  are not common symptoms of children their age. This can include various problematic behaviors such as:



Behavioral problems



adolescents (12-19)

Adolescents can have a difficult time managing the many facets of their busy lives. Stress is driven from academic pressures, relationship problems, or generalized anxiety & depression. Students sometimes feel upset but cannot identify where it stems from or how to control their feelings. We help your teen to feel better and learn to problem solve going forward.



Your family sometimes needs support beyond working with your child. At BCFC, we offer couple’s counseling and parent sessions. 

Dr. Cherry Jones, LMFT specializes in marriage and family counseling. She offers sessions for parents of children at BCFC who might need communication tools and a safe space to work together.

ADHD Mini Clinics

After your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, you might not know the right tools your child needs for success.

Our clinician, Alyssa Gajar, offers a set of 5 sessions to learn ADHD specific skills for school. Learn more.

family therapy

Good, clear communication can improve relationships both with adults and children. Often there is a disconnect between how parenting styles mesh with your child’s temperament. Learn More.

group therapy

Throughout the entire year, we offer group therapy for various groups. These range from Social Groups, Emotion Regulation Skills, Female Teen Empowerment, & Anger Management groups. Learn More.

TESTING & Assessments

We offer select testing services for children and adolescents that include ADHD, ADOS2

 Learn More.

medication management

Our prescribers are an additional resource for families wanting medication in their treatment plan. Learn More.

What We Offer

Parent strategy sessions for adults who need support navigating home life. This can be telehealth or in-person!

How sessions look

During the session, your child/teen processes feelings, learns skills, and gets take-home ideas or worksheets to try.

This is imperative for the treatment process because growth happens outside of the 50 minute session!


Extra resources

Click on our Worksheets page where you can access printable sheets to continue practicing skills from home!