ADHD Mini clinics

five unique sessions 

Perhaps your child had been diagnosed with ADHD for years. Or, ADHD might be a new diagnosis for your family to understand learn more about. 

As your ADHD child goes into the new school year, or is transitioning to a new school, there are new academic skills to acquire. 

We offer a set of 5 skill sessions to learn organization, time management, and study skills.


5 sessions + 1 parent session

Because of their expertise in the academic setting, our school counselors offer a unique structure for your child navigating their ADHD diagnosis. 

 The 5 sessions include topics for your child to succeed:

  • Time Management
  • Organization Skills
  • Motivation
  • Study Skills
  • Emotion Regulation






Schedule your sessions

When calling our receptionist, you’ll want the Mini Clinic schedule for your child. Depending on your child’s age, you will be assigned a specific clinician.

You will block out five sessions for your child to have individual meetings and one parent session to go over all the skills and support with the clinician. 


Lauren Field– Middle & High Schoolers

Erin Mullins– All Ages

Emily Cavaleri– All Ages

Priscilla Gebrayel– All Ages


Take Home IDeas

These skills will be used immediately at school and will go beyond the calendar year! Each session gives your child or teen a topic and ways to increase their awareness and behavior at home and in school. 

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schedule 5 sessions

Most families do not need ongoing therapy. This is a great way to get skills efficiently! 

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