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We know how tough it can be to search and find what you are looking for online. Here you can find useful tools for your family! Use the links below to access various supports. 

The printable worksheets below can be helpful for you and your child to practice skills outside of the office. These sheets should follow sessions in which you talked about certain communication skills, thinking traps, or emotion recognition. 

If you’re looking for more assistance with learning about thinking errors, The Thinking Traps: A Team of Troublesome Thoughts, is a great clinical workbook to use in addition to therapy sessions. 



Mood Trackers

Using bullet journals or mood tracking can help children build insight into their feelings and the intensity of their emotions.


Thinking Traps

Identifying the common thinking traps is a first step in understanding how to change thoughts and feelings. Use these simple sheets to learn more about cognitive errors.


Behavior Modification

Families often look for tools to help reinforce behaviors. These modification sheets help you create a plan for behavior changes at home.

Find Out More


A variety of coping skill sheets for children and teens to practice at home.

Coping- Distraction


Practicing good, assertive communication is important for social growth and family cohesiveness.

DEAR Skill


These sheets guide you through mindfulness exercises using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

DEAR Skill

self esteem

Improve your child’s self-compassion and confidence through weekly tasks.

Self-Talk Support