The coping corner

A Clinic for Children & Teens


We base our practice on finding skills and helping your family work together on coping, communication, and positive behaviors. 

Our families have found success in learning skills with their child and being able to encourage practice through worksheets and homework assignments in between sessions.

All of our clinicians are local and offer telehealth sessions. 

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our history

Navigating the Practice

Our owner, Jessica Cortez, began the private practice in conjunction with another clinic, ACS Assessment & Treatment Center, in Livingston County in 2012. She grew her practice, specializing solely with children and teens. When she got married, she expanded her practice closer to home, opening an office in Oakland County as well. 

She continues to have the two locations and has been able to coordinate with physicians, psychiatrists, teachers, counselors, etc. to continue building a book of referrals and connections for her families in treatment. 

In 2018, Jessica began her long-term goal of expanding her practice to meet the needs of even more families in the area. She began hiring other licensed therapists who primarily work with children and adolescents in order to ensure the same type of focus of treatment.

Coordination is imperative for children and teens to improve their mental health juxtaposed to therapy. All of our team members work hard on speaking with parents, reaching out to school personnel, discussing plans with your pediatrician. 

“We are a team of licensed professionals focusing solely on treating your child or adolescent.”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Many of our clinicians also work in the schools either as School Social Workers or School Guidance Counselors. We offer unique strategies and support for school success because of their niche. Since school is a huge part of a child’s life, this bonus treatment focus allows your child to have well rounded skills for daily life. You can find their profiles here.