the value of quiet

We need to slow down, calm down, and reset.

Our fingers scroll and type a mile a minute. Our mouths do the same. Our eyes are constantly looking for new stimulation. The busy brain is steadfast and unrelenting. All ages are impacted by the quick pace of life in the 2020’s. Many of us have adjusted and keep up with the world around us. 

But do we remember a time when we had to wait for commercials while watching a show after school? Or needing to wait for our sister to finish her soccer practice. When we had to see which neighbor was outside ready to play because they said they’d be back after they ate dinner!

Our kids are no longer patient. They no longer sit with feelings, waiting for their turn with the video game remote. Their minds preoccupied and stimulated constantly. There are so many reasons why we should encourage a purposeful slow down each day, even if it is for 5 minutes. This could be a mindfulness app, or paced breathing in the car, or journaling for ten minutes before the bedtime story.



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