Mindfulness matters School Program

” The kids were very engaged and enjoyed all of the activities. It moved at a good pace and a lot was covered. We would welcome BCFC back again!” – Ferndale Lower Elementary

  • 6-7 Clinicians working along side your school personnel 
  • Activities/Games
  • Handouts for Parents
  • Take home bag with resources


What to expect from our School Program

BCFC has worked to create and develop a new program geared towards elementary and middle school aged children in schools around the area.


Working with schools and their support staff we are bringing techniques into the classroom that focus on mindfulness, working through big emotions, self soothing, and problem solving


Contact Us

We’d love to work with your administrative staff to customize a day that’s right for your school. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a “Mindfulness Matters” day for your school please reach out to our Office Manager Lauren Whitt;