Family therapy

For many families, they are looking for communication, support, and strategies as a family unit. Our family therapists offer insight into the family as a whole, recognizing each person plays a part in daily interactions. Working with someone who specializies in family strategies can allow your family to try things in session as a group, individually, or as couples. 

Dr. Cherry Jones


Dr. Jones is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Her clients are often looking for a space to talk about couple goals, communication errors, and how to improve family fucntioning. She works with parents, the whole family, or individauls to reach their goals. Learn More.


Family Therapy

How it works

For family therapy sessions, your family becomes the main client. When working with the family, the therapist identifies which family members join which sessions. Sometimes, it is best to have parent sessions without children there or sessions with every family member present. Family therapy shows the greater picture of family dynamics and issues that sometimes go unseen in individual therapy.



Lauren is a licensed clinical social worker who has specializes in young children for over 12 years. She has a passion for helping preschool and kindergarteners who need support. Her focus is on emotion regulation and identification, coping skills, and communication tools for little kids. She also runs some of our group therapy sessions too. Learn More.