Teen DBT Groups

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a powerful, evidence-based, treatment that allows teens to learn to hear thoughts, balance emotional and rational mind, pause before reactions, and communicate more effectively. 

 We offer an 8 week group for teens to learn the four DBT modalities. This group includes weekly lessons and worksheets to practice at home. It is structured and also allows for engagement with other peers to connect and relate to.

8 weeks of skills

Our DBT certified clinician, Haley Putin, LLMSW, runs our 8 week group therapy sessions. We offer the groups at both of our locations throughout the year.

Haley has handouts, worksheets, and tips to practice in real-time during the group sessions. Parents are given information as well so that they can remind their teen about skills after sessions.

Call today to enroll your teen for the next DBT Group. They run all year round, with 2 week breaks in between. 



Learn to slow down thoughts and be more present in the moment. Not as reactive.

distress tolerance

Practice tolerating when little crisis moments occur. Using temperature change and other real-life tools.

emotion regulation

Watch feelings come and go like waves. Learn to notice a feeling and let go without feeling extreme emotions.

interpersonal effectiveness

Communicate more efficiently with skills like DEAR MAN. Learn to assert yourself and ask for help.