Linda Bazzi, lLMSW

Linda is a positive spark of energy for children & teens needing to address stressors and change their mindset!   She enjoys working with children & teens focusing on negative self-talk, creating coping skills, and using CBT skills to reframe situations. She has a niche of working with distorted eating and ED as well. 


She has experience in group therapy, running a Girl Talk group therapy for teenage girls. Linda looks forward to running this group in the Fall 2022!


Linda helps her clients believe in the power of commitment & change, no matter if it takes months to discover. The key to an ideal is someone who is willing to stay consistent even when the road gets a little bumpy. Change will come when we put in the work!


Linda sees clients in-person on Wednesdays & Thursdays in the office. She also offers Friday telehealth days.

Fun Fact: She is a twin (the older one)!