sessions for parents

We offer 1-on-1 parenting sessions for you to work through home stress and family problems. This is a great option because you have a space to talk with the therapist without your child present. Create home structure, token economy, or find strategies to communicate stronger.


Our Marriage & Family Specialist

Dr. Cherry Jones, LMFT

Dr. Jones is a Marriage and Family Therapist who focuses on the family as a team. She sees couples for sessions, the entire family, or just 1 on 1 parent sessions.

These sessions are offered in-person at our Troy location or through telehealth.

Parent Tools

Real-Time Problem Solving

By speaking with a professional, you can learn different parenting styles or strengthen ones you already use.

Go over your week & get feedback to try until next session! 








Handouts & Worksheets

Use our links to discover handouts that fit your family situation. 

Printing worksheets and ideas can help supplement what is talked about in treatment. 

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