Dawn Smith, LMSW

Dawn enjoys working with youth and young adults who are navigating life’s complexities and desire to dig deeper into who they are and work on cultivating themselves to become who they want to be.

I love helping people discover their purpose and reflect on their unique gift and talents that contribute to our community. I have worked with a range of people from seniors to children and the highlight of all my encounters have been when they feel seen and valued.

During sessions I have used music, art, sports, cooking and media to connect and illustrate therapeutic concepts that are unique to the individual that I am serving.

A fun fact about me is I love creating things.

Dawn graduated from Wayne State University with her Masters in Social Work. She has worked with individuals and families focusing on depression, anxiety, trauma, and behavioral concerns. 

Favorite Quote: “You are the way you are because of why you are”. Myles Munroe