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Lauren Field, LPC

Lauren Kovacs Field, LPC is a licensed counselor who also works as a school counselor in the local community. In private practice, Lauren works on helping children with ADHD, behavioral issues, and adjustment disorders.

She offers Mini Clinics for those diagnosed with ADHD and have school struggles. She also works with families who are looking to include a 504 or IEP for their child during the academic careers.

“With my young clients, I enjoy engaging them in play therapy and seeing the way they are able to work out a problem through play and imagination.  With my teens and adults, I enjoy using guided relaxation exercises to bring them to a state of calm where they are able to open up, process and copy with emotions more efficiently and effectively.”

Lauren has been a school counselor for over 14 years and obtained her Masters in Counseling from Oakland University.

In 2013, my colleague and I were recognized with the “RAMP” award by the American School Counselor Association for exemplary implementation of the national school counseling model.