Family Therapy

Working as one

Your child doesn’t live in a bubble. Their actions and feelings directly impact those in the household and vice versa. In family therapy, the family becomes the client. During these sessions, the family comes in together at times and is seen in smaller pairings as well. This allows the clinician to work with identified people in the family where the communication has broken down or the respect levels have been decreased. 

Many of our clinicians provide family therapy. The goal for the family as a unit is to improve overall functioning, communication, and relationships. 

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Degrazia, LMSW

Parenting for little children- preschool, kindergarten, elementary-aged. 


Bazzi, LLMSW

Focusing on family communication, giving direction to problem solve daily stressors.


Silva, LLMSW

Identifying ways to support your child or teen. Individual adult sessions for parents or family work.


King, LMSW

Giving psychoeducation and understanding for parents to better support their children.