Our receptionists are the individuals who take your initial phone call or email to schedule sessions. They are the first point of contact for 

Reliable Direction

We have a billing and scheduling team to assist you with specific questions. Our main emails for direct assistance:

Scheduling: receptionist@bloomfieldfamilies.com

Billing: billing@bloomfieldfamilies.com

Let Us Help

We know the fit between client & clinician is key to the therapeutic process. If for some reason you have found yourself with needing a new direction of care, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to work together to find the right clinician for you!

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence.”

Lauren Whitt- Office manager

Lauren is our team leader and handles all administrative tasks around the office. From organizing staff and schedules, to coordinating referral sources, to marketing tasks, Lauren manages many facets of BCFC. Lauren is here to assure your time here at our clinic is beneficial and efficient.

Juxtaposed to the commitment to your family, her role as office manager for our clinicians and to the beautiful space is unparalleled. 

Lauren comes to us after having 10+ years of business management experience. Her variety of management opportunities allows her to best attend to the needs of BCFC. 


Let Us Help

Sara Nolan



Sara is our primary biller here at BCFC. She is in office three days a week if you need to schedule a time to sit and meet with her. She is also available via email at billing@bloomfieldfamilies.com and by phone: .248-238-8121

Anu Bhagat

Assistant- W. Bloomfield


Our team of receptionists are kind & driven women who are easily accessible to you and your family.

From morning calls, to sitting at our front desk to greet families, our staff are available all day and after-school.