part 2 of Addressing anxiety

By Ann MacFadyen

In the first step of managing anxiety I talked about the first strategy AAMO, which is an acronym I created to represent “ammunition”, The second strategy is utilized by visualization.

You can begin by drawing a tree with several branches and leaves. Make the leaves big enough that you can write a word in them. Label each leave ( or as many leaves as you need) a worry or anxious thought. Once you label the leave, draw the same leaf falling off the tree and blowing away in the wind. By doing this you are “journaling” your anxious thoughts to get them out of your mind  and on to paper (acknowledging and accepting) and you are sending them on their way with the wind.


Use this tree as a reminder that thoughts don’t have to be dangerous or permanent, they are just thoughts and they come and GO! If you do not want to draw them out, you can practice visualization. Visualize the leaves with worries on them blowing away one leaf at a time. It’s almost like counting sheep. Each leaf (worry) is gently falling, on a beautiful fall day, and blowing away out of your mind, and into the wind! You are once again, moving on!